Last Updated on 20/07/2021


(Easy Way to Redress Your Complaint)
Step-1 Contact our Branch Manager where you have your account over phone or Register the Complaint in the Complaint Register available with Branch Manager. You will get the resolution within 7 days.
Step-2 If the resolution given by the Branch does not meet your requirement you may write to the Regional Manager or send an email. You will receive the response within 7 days. Please click here for details.
Step-3 If the Complaint is not resolved by the Regional Manager, you may write or send an email to the General Manager, Customer Service Dept. being the Nodal Officer, Public grievances at Central Office. You will receive the resolution within 7 days. Please click here for details.
Step-4 Towards one more step to provide a better customer service and to ensure the customer gets access to one more point of reference beyond the usual customer grievance resolution channel prescribed by the Bank viz. Branch Manager, Regional Manager and General Manager, Customer Service, at Central Office, Indian Overseas Bank has appointed Shri.S.Ramesh as the Internal Ombudsman of the Bank.
Step-5 Even after having followed the above steps, if are not satisfied, you may approach Banking Ombudsman constituted by RBI under Banking Ombudsman Scheme-2006.