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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 15/04/2024



Any purpose other than speculation

Type of Loan

Home Equity Loan


  • All Home loan borrowers with a satisfactory repayment track of at least one year.
  • Valid mortgage should have been created in favour of the Bank and registration of memorandum as well.
  • A borrower is entitled for top up loan after completion of a minimum of 1/3rdof the Housing Loan tenure.

Misc. Eligibility

  • Owner/Co-Owner Mandatorily Join the Top Up
  • Guarantor May or May Not. If Co-owner Join, If not the co-owner May opt for not Joining. Close Family members may be added plus income can be clubbed.


In line with and up to the underlying HL A/c or 15 Years, whichever is higher subject to liquidation of the loan before the borrower attains the age of 70 years. However, the borrowers can opt for a lower tenor. No fresh/enhancement of Top-up facility will be sanctioned after the closure of linked HL

No of Loans

Max Two loans to exist together




2 Crores

Permissible Loan


75% of present Forced Sale Value at the time of availment of Top Up loans less the outstanding in the housing loan.

Takeover from

Other Bank With or without Top Up

  • CIBIL score must be minimum 700
  • Minimum 12 EMI must be paid
  • Completed 1 year from the date of loan
  • Equitable mortgage has to be created on the security
  • Satisfactory repayment behaviour of the borrower
  • A/c should not be SMA1 and 2 in last 12 months
  • Primary security of home loan should be extended for any other loan except HL and TOP up in previous lender.

  • Full Waiver of Processing Charges on Housing Loan Concession in Documentation Charges for Housing Loans.