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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 15/04/2024

NRI Home Loan


Purchase, Construction, Repair or Renovation of Residential House

Eligible Persons

An NRI/PIO holding Indian passport or passport of any other country except Pakistan and Bangladesh

Minimum Salary

Rs. 10000/-

Quantum of Loan

New - No Ceiling

Repair & Renovation - Rs. 25 Lakhs

Rate of Interest

Linked to RLLR (Click to check latest Rate of interest)


Up to Rs. 30.00 Lakhs


Above Rs. 30.00 Lakhs up to Rs. 75.00 Lakhs


Above Rs. 75.00 Lakhs 25%


Repayment Period


Maximum: 240 Months (Max age at Exit 60 including Moratorium Period) whichever is earlier

Repair and Renovation

Maximum: 180 Months

Holiday Period


6 Months


12 Months

Repair and Renovation

3 Months


  • Immovable property to be financed must be mortgaged only with our Bank.
  • The land should be in the name of the Applicant or jointly with his/ her spouse /close relatives (Co-obligant).
  • The applicant should have a clear and marketable title over the property to create a valid mortgage

Other Conditions

  • The loan proceeds should not be credited to NRE/FCNR account.
  • The repayment should be out of fresh foreign inward remittance or by debit to NRE/NRO/FCNR account of the borrower in India
  • The repayment of loan instalment/interest and other charges can also be made by close relatives of the NRI borrower in India through their bank account.
  • No cash should be accepted from such relatives towards repayment of the home loan of the NRI

  • Full Waiver of Processing Charges on Housing Loan Concession in Documentation Charges for Housing Loans.