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Last Updated on: 20/03/2023

Loans for Professional and Self Employed

Under this category, individuals : 
who possess degree or diploma in any discipline of art / craft / profession 
who possess the skill which has been estimated as professional in the opinion of the Bank shall be considered for financial assistance. Example: Medical Practitioners, Dental Surgeons, Accountants, Engineers, Craftsmen, Construction contractors, Management consultants etc

Eligibility and Purpose 
The applicant must be holding a recognised degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering etc. Alternatively, the applicant, in the opinion of the Bank should possess adequate skill, which can be considered as professional.

Loans shall be considered:

  • for purchase of instruments / equipments viz. X-ray equipment for a Medical Practitioner; Concrete mixer for a construction Engineer; Computers for chartered accountants etc. 
  • renovation of premises viz. construction / renovation of clinics for Medical practitioners: construction / renovation of Office for Chartered Accountants etc. 
  • for working capital requirements viz. for periodic purchase of raw material and other items by Craftsmen etc.