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Agri & Rural

Last Updated on: 01/11/2023


Land Development

Financial Assistance for Land Reclamation, Soil Conservation Measures and on Farm Development Works Like Land Leveling, Terracing, Contouring, Bunding, Fencing etc.

Minor Irrigation

Term Loans are Extended for Construction of Wells, For Deepening/Renovating the Existing Wells and for Boring in the Existing Dug Wells to Augment Water Supply.

Farm Mechanization

Financing for Purchase of Machinery/Implements Like Tractors, Power Tillers, Seed Drill, Seed-Cum-Fertilizer Drill, Planters, Power Sprayers, Seed Cleaners, Weed Removers, Power Threshers, Chaff Cutters, Cane Crushers, Harvester Combines etc.

Plantation/Horticulture Crops

Term Loans for Cultivation of Coconut, Coffee, Tea and Rubber Plantations, Floriculture, Vegetable and Fruit Cultivation etc.

Loan for Allied Activities

Credit Facilities Extended for Activities Related to Dairy, Poultry, Fisheries, Duckery, Rearing of Goat and Sheep, Pig, Rabbit, etc.

For Other Details, Please Contact Your Nearest IOB Branch.