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Last Updated on 08/07/2021
Services Offered

1. Non-Financial Transactions

a. Pick up of Negotiable Instruments (Cheque/Drafts/Pay Orders etc.

b. Request Account Statement

c. Pick up of New Cheque Book Requisition Slip.

d. Delivery of Non-personalised Cheque Books, Pay Orders, Term Deposit Receipt/Acknowledgement etc.

e. Acceptance of 15G, 15H Forms.

f. Acceptance of IT Challan/Government Business/GST.

g. Delivery of Prepaid Instruments/Gift Card.

h. Acceptance of Standing Instructions Request.

2. Financial Transactions

a. Cash Withdrawal Facility is Only Provided Right Now.

b. Cash Deposit Facility is under Process and Will be Available Soon.

3. Submission of Digital Life Certificate through DSB