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  • IOB Visa Credit Card is a valuable substitute for cash or cheque.
  • Card is valid for use Internationally
  • Acceptable by over 1,18,000/- Member establishments (MEs) for purchase of goods & services in India and over 130 Lakh Outlets Worldwide.

Please ensure that

  • Immediately on receipt of the card
  • Your name has been correctly embossed as required by you.
  • Your signature is put on the signature panel wth a ball point pen.
  • Change the PIN through IOB ATM
  • You are solely authorized to use the card.
  • The magnetic stripe is not exposed to magnetic or electric fields.
  • The Merchant Establishment enters the correct amount ofthe bill on the charge-slip.
  • You sign the charge slip using a ball point pen.
  • You collect back your card along with your copy of the charge slip and the Relative bill.
  • Your dues are settled on or before the due date even if you do not receive your monthly statement by contacting Credit Card Division / Customer Help Desk by any means of communication as non-receipt of the statement cannot be a ground for waiver of late fee etc.

Acceptability & Usage at Member Establishments

  • Normally, Merchant Establishments should not add any extra amount to your bill if you settle the bill through IOB Visa Card. In exceptional cases, you may be billed extra service charges, while making use of your card with Merchant Establishments such as Petrol Bunks, Railways, etc. You should proceed with the transaction only if you agree to bear the extra charges. Such charges together with the charge slip amount will be billed to your card account.
  • Certain limits have been fixed for Merchant Establishments dealing in different activities. Merchant Establishments can accept the cards within the limit fixed to them called "Floor Limit". This is different from the card ceiling limit fixed to you. Therefore, when your transaction exceeds the floor limit fixed to the Merchant Establishment, they should obtain prior authorisation from their Bank.
  • Any instances of non-acceptance of the card by the Merchant Establishments shall be reported immediately to Credit Card Division, preferably in writing, giving all the details, date, time, the Merchant Establishment's Banker's name to enable us to take action.
  • Merchant Establishments are not expected to accept expired cards or hotlisted cards. They also have the option to accept or reject credit cards during their discount sale period, if any.
  • User has to create separate user_id and password for E_COM transaction as additional security measures. Click "Verified by VISA" for guidelines.


  • As a privileged holder of IOB Visa, you have the advantage of drawing cash to meet your emergency requirements from any of over 15000 Visa enabled ATMs in India and over 8.7 lakh ATMs worldwide.
  • You can withdraw cash upto 40% of the limit assigned to you.
  • While billing you for cash withdrawal, an amount at the rate of Rs.22.50 per Rs.1000/- or part thereof will be added towards service charges for each withdrawal and billed to your card account together with service tax/applicable cess, if any.
  • Cash withdrawal will also attract ‘Cash Advance Interest' at 24.00% p.a. (annualised) from the date of withdrawal.


  • Your card is linked with all IOB Insta Cash and Visa ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) at select cities for easy access to cash 24 hours a day. The use of such facility is subject to the Bank's ATM terms and conditions in addition to the terms and conditions governing IOB Visa Credit Card Scheme.


  • Valid for 3 years from the month of issue.
  • Automatic renewal for 3 years on satisfactory track record and on prompt settlement of dues & card despatched tothe branch where are you are an account holder.
  • If card is not received, please contact the servicing branch or Credit Card Division, Central Office.
  • If renewal is not required, please inform us at the branch or Credit Card Division at least 2 months in advance.


IOB entered into an arrangement with United India Assurance Co. Ltd. for covering you under various insurance facilities free of chargeas given below:

Various insurance facilities free of charge



Gold card

Classic Card


Personal Accident - Death Due to 
a. Aircrash 
i. Self (Primary card holder) 
ii. Spouse 

b. Road / Rail
i. Self (Primary card holder)
ii. Spouse

Rs 10.00 lacs 
Rs 2.00 lacs 

Rs. 2.00 lacs
Rs. 1.00 lacs

Rs. 4.00 lacs 
Rs 2.00 lacs 

Rs. 2.00 lacs 
Rs. 1.00 lacs


Baggage Insurance

Rs.0.25 lacs

Rs.0.25 lacs


Purchase Protection

Rs.0.25 lacs

Rs.0.25 lacs

Baggage Insurance

The baggage of IOB-VISA cardholders will be covered for a maximum sum of Rs.25,000/- while onravel. The coverage is operative whilst on inland travel outside the city/town of domicile. The maximum liability overed per cardholder during a policy year is Rs.25000/- 

Purchase Protection

Any item purchased through IOB-VISA is insured against the risk of fire, riots, strike, malicious damage, terrorism and theft during transit (from the place of purchase to the residence) and whilst kept/situated at the premises of the cardholder subsequently totally for a period of30 daysfrom the date of purchase for a maximum sum of Rs.25,000/- per year.

Please ensure that you / your spouse have registered your nomination. 


  • Every month, a Statement of Account dated 20th of the month will be mailed to you and the statement will show the transactions processed during the previous billing cycle. It will contain your name, your card number and the date on which the statement has been generated. 
  • The transactions of add-on cardholders will also be included in the statement.
  • The sale date indicated in the statement is the date on which the transaction has been done by the card holder and credits if any received by th Division.The particulars of the transaction will indicate the actual transaction in brief. The amount corresponding to each transaction will be indicated under "Amount" column.
  • By being prompt in payment of your dues as depicted in the Statement of Account, you will realise that you get afree credit period ranging from 15 days to 50 days depending upon the date of transactions. Default in payment affects your credibility apart from the fact that you will have to pay late fee and other charges as advised by the Bank from time to time apart from hotlisting your card.
  • Your card ceiling limit will be indicated in the Statement of Account so as to enable you to operate within the limit. If you find that your monthly transactions often exceed the limit indicated, and if you require higher limits, please contact your branch for enhancing your limits alongwith income proof subject to eligibility criteria.
  • If you notice any discrepancy or incorrect charge debited to your card account, please inform Credit Card Division immediately (not later than 7 days from the date of receipt of Statement of Account).
  • The Statement of Account is despatched by ordinarypost every month. Non-receipt of statement is not a valid reason for non-payment of dues in time or claiming remission of service charges for delayed payments.
  • On cancellation of airline/railway ticket, the net amount received from the airlines/railways alone will be credited to your card account. As and when received, the same will be credited to your card account. The Bank is not responsible for the delay in refunds due to cancellation.The balance outstanding will be charged with applicable interest / service tax /cess till we recieve the refunds.
  • Any change in account with Indian Overseas Bank for settlement of dues / change in address should be intimated to Credit Card Division or M/s.Yalamanchili Consultancy Services P. Ltd. (YCS), Sakthi Towers, 766 Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002 immediately.

Appropriation of Repayment:

Your repayment of dues are appropriated to your card account in the following order:-

1. Govt. Fee ( Service Tax)
2. Charges
3. Cash advance interest
4. Purchase Interest
5. Interest on other Fees / charges
6. Cash advance fee
7. Other Fees
8. Purchase
9. Cash Advance


  • Please preserve your valuable IOB-VISA Card carefully, and do not let it fall into wrong hands. Please check your wallet / pouch once in a while and ensure that your card is always safe.
  • Despite this, if you lose your IOB-VISA, please inform the same immediately to M/s.Yalamanchili Consultancy Services P. Ltd. (YCS) or Credit Card Division by telephone / telegram / fax, duly mentioning your name, your card number and validity, so that we can hotlist your card. Simultaneously, please lodge a police complaint immediately detailing the loss. A copy of the police complaint along with your detailed letter confirming the loss should reach us within a week from the date of reporting the loss. Please collect the duplicate card from the branch after receipt of information from us. However, if you do not require a duplicate card, please indicate the same to the Bank. 
  • By promptly reporting the loss, your liability on account of someone picking up the lost/stolen card and misusing it would be ‘NIL' under Lost Card Insurance cover. Please note that this cover will commence only from the date of receipt of your intimation to the Bank. 
  • If you trace the lost card after reporting the loss, please do not use it, since it will not be honoured by the Merchant Establishments. You should return the card to the Bank after cutting it intopieces and obtain the duplicate card for further use.


The schedule of charges leviable to the IOB-VISA account is as follows : 

1.      Card Membership Fee : No Charges 

2.      Photo Card : Rs.100/- (payable only once) 

3.      Annual Fee : No Charges 

4.      Hotlisting Fee : No Charges 

5.      Replacement card : Rs. 100/- 

6.      Request for a. Duplicate Statement copy: Rs.50/- b. Charge Slip Copy : Rs.100/- c. Original Charge Slip : Rs.300/- 

7.      Late Fee Charges : Rs.100/- 

8.      Interest on Roll-over facility : 30.0% p.a. (annualised) 

9.      Cash Advance Fee : Rs.22.50 per Rs.1,000/- or part thereof 

10.     Cash Advance Interest : 30.0% p.a (annualised) from the date of cash withdrawal. 

11.     OFF US Domestic /International ATM : 
a. Cash withdrawal from other Banks ATMs with VISA Logo - Rs.100/- per transaction
b. balance Enquiry - Rs. 20/- per transaction

12.     Foreign Currency transactions : 2.5% on the transaction value added to the value. In addition to the above, cardholders have to pay extra Service Charges at certain Merchant Establishments such as Petrol Bunks, Railways, etc. at the minimum rate of 2.5% or at the rate as indicated at the Merchant Establishments.

Service Tax/Cess as applicable will be loaded to the above charges.

The above schedule of charges is subject to revision from time to time, and will be directly billed to your card account.

Schedule of Charges





Cash withdrawal

40% of Credit limit


Purchase at Jewellary Shops

50% of Credit limit


Per day Ceiling Cash through ATM - Gold cards 
Classic cards
All transactions

Rs. 25000/- 
Rs. 15000/- 
50% of credit limit

How to apply for ‘ADD-ON' Cards ?: 
The Primary Cardholder can apply for upto 4 ‘ADD-ON' Cards on his/her credit card a/c, by completely filling-up the regular credit card application form. The completed Application Form should be submitted to the Branch of IOB, where the cardholder is having the account. 

How to apply for Enhancement of Limit : 
The existing credit card holder can apply for enhancement of limit by filling-up the credit card Application Form and submitting the same alongwith proof of income to the branch where he/she maintains an account. In addition to your Servicing Branch, you may, in case of need, contact our Customer Help Desk (Operational 24 hours) or Credit Card Division of the Bank (During Office hours)

Customer Help Desk : (24 Hours)

Toll Free Phone No. 18004257744

Operated by :

M/s Yelamanchilli Software Exports(P) Ltd.,

Tower-1, Sakthi Towers, 2nd floor, 766, Anna Salai,

Chennai- 600002.

Phone: 044-33844356, 044-33844357

E-mail: iob_callcentre[at]yalamanchili[dot]in



The Chief Manager
Credit Card Division
Indian Overseas Bank 
Central Office 
763 Anna Salai 
CHENNAI - 600 002
Phone : (044) 28519574
E-mail : crcard[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in 

Please mention your card number in all your correspondence with us.