Personal Loan

Personal Loan


Personal Loan



To purchase of Consumer durables. Consumer durables included all electrical and electronics, wooden and metal furniture etc..


Eligibility :


All individuals with regular income is more than Rs.5000/- with maximum age limit of 60 years.

Quantum of loan 

10 times of the gross salary or 90% of the cost of article whichever is less, but not to exceed Rs.5.00 lacs.


10% on cost of the article.

Rate of interest 

Please click Retail credit interest rates



Maximum Repayable is 60 equated monthly installments without holiday period.

No Pre payment charges



 Hypothentication on purchase of articles out of loan and a suitable 3rdparty guarantee

Processing charges

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Processing Charges.


While all efforts have been made to update the information, constituents are requested to contact the nearest branch for further details.

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