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Last Updated on 25/07/2017
IOB Sagarlakshmi

Objective                       To liberate fisher women from the clutches of usurious money lenders and to increase their income.
Women who are engaged in processing of fish into dryfish, fish feed and other fish based products.
Purpose Sorting, grading, drying, processing and selling of dryfish and packed fish.
Fish fast food counters, processed food vending stalls with requisite equipments.
Breeding and selling of decorative fish for acquarium.
Contact cleaning of fish markets.
Mode of Assistance By way of working capital or term loan for equipments.
Amount of Loan Maximum Rs 10 lacs.
Loans upto Rs 1 lac are covered under Agricultural loans and loans above Rs 1 lac and upto Rs 10 lacs may be considered as micro enterprises and retail trade.
Margin Upto Rs 1 lac- nil.
Above Rs 1 lac – 15-25%
Security Prime – Assets created out of Bank loan and margin amount.
Collateral-nil. To be covered under CGTMSE wherever eligible.
Within 5 years in monthly instalments including initial holiday period not exceeding 3 months.
Other details Please contact the nearest IOB Branch.