Home Loans to NRI

Home Loans to NRI



A NRI/ PIO holding Indian Passport or Passport of any other country except Pakistan and Bangladesh is eligible for the loan.
Minimum Monthly Salary of the applicant should be equivalent of Indian Rs.10,000/-
Applicants who own a house in his/ her name or in name of the spouse or in the name of minor children are also eligible. 


For purchase or construction of a residential house or flat and for repair or renovation of existing residential house or flat.
Loan amount

For building or buying a new house - Maximum of 80% of the cost of the house.
For renovating house - Maximum of Rs. 15 lakh.
Margin varies from 10% to 25%.


Equitable mortgage of the property to be purchased or built or renovated
Property should be insured for adequate value with Bank clause.
Registered Memorandum in states whereever it is applicable.


For Purchase / Construction - Maximum of 180 Months
For Repair / Renovation - Maximum of 60 months
Repayable in equated monthly installments through fresh foreign inward remittance or by debiting NRE/ NRO/ FCNR account in India.
The Repayment of loan installment, interest and other charges can also be made by close relatives of the NRI borrower resident in India, through their bank account.
If the house is rented out, rental income should be adjusted towards loan installments, even if it is more than the monthly installment prescribed. 

Holiday period

12months - For Construction from the date of first disbursal
6 months - Acquisition
3 months - For Repair & Renovation
Rate of interest 

Processing charges

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