Small and Marginal farmers, share croppers/ tenant farmers are eligible.

Total land owned by the borrowers including the land to be purchased under the scheme should not be more than 5 acres of unirrigated land or 2.50 acres of irrigated land.
To finance share croppers / tenant farmers/ Small and Marginal farmers to purchase land for cultivation or for other allied activities to agriculture.
Amount of Loan
Maximum of Rs 10 lacs
A minimum of 10 % margin for loan amount exceeding Rs 1 lac.
The land purchased out of Bank finance, mortgaged in favour of the Bank.
Maximum of 12 years in half yearly or yearly instalments, including a maximum moratorium period of 24 months.
Rate of Interest
Upto Rs 5 lacs – Base Rate + 1.50 %
Above Rs 5 lacs – Base Rate + 2.5%
Other details
Project cost may include besides cost of land, value of stamp duty, registration charges for sale/ mortgage deed and other land development expenses.
For other details, please contact your nearest IOB branch.