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Last Updated on 24/07/2017
Projects Handled

Projects Handled

India is a country of vast resources and immense potential for agricultural development. At IOB, we have realized this potential. In our effort to work towards developing this sector, we've gained extensive experience in a variety of agriculture-related fields and have handled numerous hi-tech projects. Given below is a list of our areas of expertise.

  • Food/Agro Processing
    - Food Processing
    - Fruits/Vegetables Processin
    - Herbal Products Processing
    - Meat Processing
    - Fish Processing

  • Horticulture 
    - Plantation and Tree Crops
    - Medicinal/Herbal Plants
    - Hydroponics/Green House Technology
    - Dry land/Waste land Development
    - Floriculture

  • BIO-Technology
    - Organic Farming
    - Tissue Culture
    - Oleoresins
    - Bio Fertilizers/Pesticides

  • Animal Husbandry 
    - Integrated Dairy Farm
    - Climate controlled Poultry Farm
    - Stall fed Goat rearing 

  • Infrastructure
    - Bio-Tech Park
    - Food Park
    - Floriculture Park
    - Marine Park
    - Cool Rooms/Storage Houses
Projects Handled